How  It All Started

Bark and Miao was formed by London-based friends, Stuart Fraser, an events manager who first conceptualised the padpod idea, and Simon White, a designer with a background in fine art who helped define the product.
“Having recently moved home, my wife and I were looking for a stylish new pet bed for our rescue cat Betty. I specifically wanted a product that would seamlessly integrate with our décor. Despite searching high street and on-line stores I couldn’t find anything suitable; this stimulated an idea as well as a challenge.” – Stuart

Simon is the design guru of the pair and brought Stuart’s vision to life. “When Stuart described his pet bed idea I was amazed no-one had thought of it before. We did some rough sketches. A week later we’d created a prototype made from papier mâché – and the journey began. For me the padpod is a design statement that synchronises furniture and functional design. It will be a signature product for us.” – Simon


Founding Partners

Stuart Fraser

Inspirations and Sales

The dreamer of a dream. Stuart conceived the padpod and brought Bark and Miao to life. Proud owner of a Norwegian forest cat, enjoys winter sports, fine wine and good conversation.

Simon White

Creative and Strategy

Simon is responsible for marketing creative and business strategy. Interests include extensive globe trotting adventures, gastronomic experiences and beautiful sunsets.

The Team

Paul Miller

Product Designer

A master in 3d design

Fiona Faulkner

PR extraordinaire

She barks and purrs all of the Bark&Miao information across the internet and beyond

Clare Bean


More than just an admin, Clare runs the office and organises production and deliveries

The L.K. Brothers


Our masterful upholstery and furniture production team. kA pOw!