Cat focused design decisions

Clear lines of sight, raised platform viewing, enclosed and comforting shape helps your cat relax and make the Padpod a real home


Easy de-fluffable fabrics and soft furnishing

Padded cushions with removable washable covers. Upholstered with a 50,000 rub count 100% Lavene wool which is easy to hoover and de-hair and designed to stand up to the rigours of everyday pawing.

Padpod and Cats

Designed for all cool cats

The padpod fits all cats perfectly, from Norwegian Forest cats to Siamese and Bengal. It has even been known to fit more than one

About the Padpod

The padpod is a perfectly designed luxury cat bed, designed to match your style aspirations and the comfort and relaxation of your cat.  Style conscious cat owners will never again have to hide away their purrfect pussycat, and instead be proud to display them centre stage, courtesy of Bark and Miao. Alongside its good looks our luxury cat bed has also been designed with cats in mind. From our research, we have discovered that our furry friends prefer an elevated position when lounging and sleeping. Padded interior walls provide both comfort and insulation ensuring a cosy nest-like environment with clear lines of sight. The padpod has been designed to harmonise with contemporary living, with sleek lines, high gloss shell and luxurious upholstery.